The stylish shelf is perfect for storing toys and other children's items. The shelf of the original design will become a playful decoration in both the boy's and the girl's room!   

Color: white, beech.   

The drawers are fully extendable.   

Size: 95 x 122 x 40 cm.   

Material: LMDP (laminated chipboard) - easy to clean, has stain and scratch resistant properties and does not require any special care.   

Doors: Standard drawer color-white (included). Blue or pink doors are available on request. You will then have a 2-color door that you can change-adjust as needed.


  Delivery takes 1-8 w.

The color of the product may differ slightly from that of the picture. The information in the product description is generic and it is possible that not all product characteristics are mentioned.

Drawer colour: