Toy box on wheels

It is one of elements necessary in children's room, helping to avoid untidiness, encourages children to respect their own property and teaches them how to organize space around them. It has wheels and a string allowing chest transportation. This will be a beautiful and useful decoration of the children's room.

Main features and advantages:
- storage capacity and mobility
- teaches children how to keep things tidy 
- the wheels have rubber tires which prevent scratching the floor

Dimensions (cm): height: 42cm, depth: 46.5cm , width: 59cm.

Workmanship and finishing:
- the chest is made of high quality laminated board resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean
- wheels: beech plywood with rubber tire 

- the chest is snow-white, with matte finish
- wheels: beech plywood with rubber tires

Instructions of use:
The furniture should be wiped with soft, cotton cloth moistened with water or a product intended for furniture care.

Additional Information:
The furniture is delivered in packages, intended for self-assembly. The packages include include detailed instruction of assembly, along with accessories (screw, etc.).

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  Delivery takes 1-3 w.d. 

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