Vanilla Cotton Baby Pillow

  • Fabric : 100% Cotton 
  • Filling : 100% Cotton, 300 gr/m2, 200 gr
  • Wash cover only as per care instructions

It does not contain any synthetic material, it is made of 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton filling.

As soft on your skin as it is resistant, cotton’s durability makes for long lasting, dependable products.

Natural cotton fabric and filling allows body heat to escape and keeps moisture at bay, reducing your chances of sweating throughout the night.

Naturally biodegradable and renewable, wool filling decomposes completely in soil releasing minerals directly back into the earth.

Internationally recognized stamp of textile quality OEKO- TEX® attests that a fabric contains no harmful chemicals and complies with world environmental standards.

Vanilla pillow with removable and machine-washable cover helps your baby's pillow to remain clean all the time. In addition, you can easily adjust the height according to your baby's lying position and comfort preference.

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